Meet the Dream Productions Wedding Entertainers

John Becker

DJ John has been a business owner for 10 years of Dream Productions, developed and designed to specifically meet the needs of aspiring brides and grooms from all over. His DJ syte of grabbing the attention of all ages and reading the crowd has made him a great DJ. “Understanding how music influences people and drives them with emotion is why I’m in the business” says DJ John. “It’s all about making people dance and fall in love as the music shines in a slow dance.”

John has been with Dream Productions right from the start and has made his own dream grow by making his business “the first choice in wedding entertainment” sensation. Brides who have had John DJ at their wedding have exclaimed, “John,… thank you so much for helping us with our special night… we have been married for years and people still talk about how much fun it was!!”

John’s vision of providing wedding entertainment is very fundamental: “This day is THE MOST important day in a Bride’s life! I want to make it outstanding and unforgettable. It’s an honor to be selected and trusted with the wedding reception. Like our company name, “Dream Productions”, we will make it exactly as you planned and dreamed!”

As John continues to grow his company he strives in finding entertainers with the same passion and style as only the Dream Productions name should uphold. “My team consists of motivated entertainers who care about what they do, they remember the importance of the day, and they will not hesitate to pull out all the stops to make a Dream Wedding come true”. With John’s knowledge of music from every genre and every decade… thanks to his father who has been a Radio Disc Jockey in Greater Grand Rapids for years and has been a major influence …. it makes playing and matching music easier , more fun to blend and mix too. Using the lighting system to bring any room to life is a talent of being a lighting tech. Using lights to accent a head table or bring a corner of a room to life adds to the atmosphere of dance.. with using the right combination of lights and music , John and our entertainers can make your Reception come alive!

Stacey Martinez

DJ Stacey hails from the “Windy City” Chicago where she owned and operated her highly successful wedding DJ business for years. She moved to Grand Rapids and joined us at Dream Productions four years ago as our wedding entertainer. We always get great reviews on Stacey as she can really connect with the wedding party and guests. Stacey’s style, her enthusiasm, and her drive to please the bride and groom is what is so important to us at Dream Productions.

Dream Productions is proud to have Stacey as a part of our wedding entertaining staff.

Shane Word

Shane has been DJ’ing and a Wedding Entertainer for 18 years and has always loved how music connects people. DJ Shane’s style and his drive to please the bride and groom is what is so important to us at Dream Productions.

“What I love about Dream Productions is their professionalism, their large variety of all styles of music, and the awesome lighting”.

Dream Productions is proud to have DJ Shane as a part of our wedding entertaining staff.

Mandy T

DJ Mandy has had music background all her life. Her father has played in a band for many years. Mandy plays the Drums and loves it! DJ Mandy teamed up with other DJs in Atlantic City which brought her to us at Dream Productions in Grand Rapids.

She knows how to keep the dance floor full at weddings. Mandy enjoys High Energy Packed dance floors! “My musical tastes are all over, ranging from classic rock to Hip Hop to everything in between.”


DJ Lesley has been performing for the majority of her life, everything from theatre to stand-up comedy to DJ weddings and more. Her music knowledge ranges through current, popular, dance, classic, oldies and standards… and if you are looking for some more eclectic music choices, she can help you with that!

Lesley loves matching couples with the perfect playlist where each song will trigger memories of a fun, amazing experience for the rest of their lives. DJ Lesley will keep your guests happy and you will love the filled dance floor with fun music all night long!


Jessine’s DJ experience stems from her love for hosting and planning house parties.  She has also been an Emcee for a few martial arts events, and is even a black belt herself.  With a strong voice and a stronger enthusiasm, Jessine has a love for pleasing her clients and getting the crowds dancing!  She’ll pump up the energy right along with you, dancing along herself and making sure that everyone is having a great time.

Jessine’s favorite part of any party is seeing people enjoy themselves.  No matter what kind of music or what kind of crowd, she’s happy to create a perfect night of dancing and celebration for any couple!