Dream Productions DJs – Frequently Asked Questions

01) What sets you apart from other Wedding DJs and Wedding DJ companies?

This is our full time job. We are genuine, and we truly care about our clients having a wonderful time… after all this is the most important day in a Bride’s life. We are honored to be a part of your wedding and will give you our 100% utmost attention to every detail.

We are DJs that are music lovers looking to create a memorable evening… Unique, elegant and hip.

Clients often decide to book us because they are looking for something more than the average DJ – someone who can combine elegant event experience, organized planning, a relaxed and personable attitude and an incredible dance party! Also being live musicians, we have a good ear and strive to make the music sound just right. We KNOW music from the 40’s to right now and we play what YOU want to hear. Throughout the event, we check in with our clients to make sure we are all on the same page. But don’t just take our word for it, read our testimonials or see our awards for 2010 – 2013: Wedding Wire’s Best DJ Awards.

02) What services do you offer?

Dream Productions offer three packages. All include up to 7 hours of music and fun with West Michigan’s best and award winning wedding entertainers. This includes our fully customized music and detailed planning of your reception.

The packages only differ in lights and presentation NOT in the outstanding quality of our Wedding Entertainers and the customization and personalized service.

Because Dream Productions has the reputation for providing the most amazing light displays in the state of Michigan, we offer three levels for you to decide based on your needs and budget.

Wedding packages are:

  • The “Dream Wedding”
  • The “Fantasy Wedding”
  • The “Fairytale Wedding”
03) What’s included in your standard “Dream Wedding” package?

The Dream Wedding lighting and presentation is best for the bride on a tight budget but wants an awesome wedding reception.

The lighting includes:

  1. Four professional Chauvet PAR 64 uplights
  2. Two professional Chauvet 4 Bar systems
  3. One professional Chauvet Q Spot system
04) What’s included in the “Fantasy Wedding” package?

The Fantasy Wedding lighting and presentation is best for the bride that really wants an awesome wedding reception with a great lighting system, but without spending a lot.

The lighting includes:

  1. The fantastic professional Chauvet Laser lighting system.
  2. Six professional Chauvet PAR 64 uplights
  3. Two professional Chauvet 4 Bar systems
  4. Two professional Chauvet Q Spot systems
05) What’s included in the “Fairytale Wedding” package?

The Fairytale Wedding lighting and presentation is the best money can buy! There is NO ONE in Michigan with this system!

You and your guest will think you are on ABC TV’s “Dancing With the Stars”!

You will hear about this wedding reception from your guests for the rest of your life!

All the stops are let out for this one!… yet you are not paying a lot of money for this fantastic show.

The lighting includes:

  1. The fantastic Chauvet Nimbus …. You will be dancing on a cloud! Lights will look like rays of lights from the stars!
  2. The fantastic Chauvet Revo 4 lighting system
  3. Professional Scrim King with lights
  4. The fantastic professional Chauvet Laser lighting system.
  5. Eight professional Chauvet PAR 64 uplights
  6. Two professional Chauvet 4 Bar systems
  7. Two professional Chauvet Q Spot systems
06) How much is the deposit & when is it due?

The deposit which is the initial payment is $150 which is due at the time you sign the Dream Productions contact.

That contract locks in your date and locks in the Wedding entertainer you have selected.

07) When is the final payment due?

The final payment is due at the final planning session which is held usually within one month prior to your Wedding.

08) Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. We carry a Zurich Business Insurance $1,000,000 policy liability insurance and are happy to provide proof when necessary.

09) How long have you been DJ’ing professionally?

All of our wedding entertainers have been DJ’ing weddings for over 10 years each. They are extremely good at “reading the crowd”… which is varying the music based on the time in the evening, the age of the guests, and who is dancing at the time.

Please see the “Meet the Dream Productions Wedding Entertainers” page for a bio of each.

10) How far ahead do we need to book you?

We often book up 6-12 months in advance, but sometimes we can accommodate last minute bookings. Please don’t wait too long to book us. There are plenty of times potential clients think about it for too long, then come back to find out we have been booked for their date already.

11) If my DJ does a great job and I want to tip, can I or should I?

Tips go directly to the Wedding Entertainer / DJ and it is the best way to show them it was an awesome job well done.

Our thoughts are “Tips are NEVER expected but ALWAYS greatly appreciated.”

Please keep in mind that we would like to hear from you about what you liked and thought about your DJ. If you had a great experience please let everyone know by writing a review at WeddingWire.com under the Dream Productions site.

Most certainly we want to hear if anything was negative as well. It’s our way of continually improving ourselves as the best Wedding DJ business in West Michigan.

12) Why are you comfortable MC’ing & making announcements?

Yes, we are confident & skilled MCs. We are never overly enthusiastic or false on the mic and we don’t say things just to be the center of attention. If the crowd needs motivating, we motivate accordingly. If everything is great and guests are having fun, we let the moment be. Some people want a DJ who acts like a comedian the whole night and gives out party favors – that’s not us. We are friendly, genuine MCs who create a perfect flow and keep your guests happy with the dance floor filled the whole night though.

13) How do we pick the music?

There are several ways to pick the music.

Once you book us, you will have a planning form where you can select songs for various portions of your event (i.e. Cocktails, The Wedding Party Entrance, Dinner, Bride and Groom’s first dance, Cake Cutting, General Dancing, and many others), as well as create a “Do Not Play” list.

Most clients fall into one of three categories when it comes to music selection, all of which are great!

  1. They want to hand the music selection over to us.
  2. They want to choose some of the music, while giving us room to read the crowd and pick like minded songs.
  3. They want to choose most of the music.
14) How big is your music library? What genres do you cover?

We have a huge music library of over 30,000 songs. We can cover any genre/style. If you request music we don’t already have, we buy it at no additional charge.

15) Do you have pictures or videos of events you have DJ’d?

Better than that, we have videos and photos for you to check out. They are all accessible from our website here on our Wedding DJ Gallery.

16) If you were unable to perform, would you find a replacement?

Yes. Dream Productions has four Wedding Entertainers. We have four complete light and sound systems.

However we never book more than three Weddings in one day or night. So the fourth person can fill in.

But just so you know, in over 10 years, we have never missed any events.

17) Are we guaranteed to have YOU as our DJ?

Yes, our contracts are DJ specific. Unlike others in West Michigan, we don’t have a list of 10 DJs we book.

You know who you are booking when you sign a contract with our entertainer.

18) What size space do you require for your DJ station?

We can work with you to fit your needs.

The smallest is a six foot long table, normally that is covered and skirted.

19) How much time do you need for setup, takedown etc?

We need at least one hour before and after an event. We prefer two hours before & one hour after.

20) Do you have backup equipment?

Yes. We have backup speakers, microphones, music libraries, lights and all other items.